According to blackolive research, vacancy breaks 1,000,000 sqm in Frankfurt

The latest evaluations by blackolive show that vacancy continues to build up as the calendar year 2021 progresses. 1,006,000 sqm are now available to letters within 3 months in Frankfurt incl. Eschborn and the Offenbach Kaiserlei area (gif definition). This corresponds to a vacancy rate of 8.65%. Tanja Zeiske, Senior Analyst Research at blackolive summarises: "We expect a further increase in vacancy in the coming months, as the end of the pandemic is not foreseeable, companies are increasingly freeing up space and working from home works well in most cases." 

On the other hand, Kevin Nguyen, Head of Brokerage at blackolive, reports: "We have a lot of work to do. Companies with larger space requirements in particular are looking confidently to the future and are prepared to make long-term decisions. This should ensure an increase in space turnover compared to last year."

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