Property management at the highest level.

Make strategic use of the value of your commercial property.

We support property owners whose core business is not real estate as well as investors with the management and modernisation of their commercial properties and commercial development projects, helping to ensure their long-term economic success.

Based on your corporate strategy, we identify and exploit the potential of your property or portfolio, taking into consideration its possible uses. To this end, we act as owner representatives for your company premises or corporate property, taking care of the following aspects as required:

  • Technical management
  • Infrastructure management
  • Commercial management
  • Marketing
  • Leasing

We would be pleased to cooperate with any authorised lease brokers. We can also assist your tenants with specific space and equipment planning in the run-up to a new tenancy agreement.

Our comprehensive services ensure that your space and properties create value over the long term and represent a controllable asset on your balance sheet.