New nationwide real estate service provider German Property Partners (GPP) is launched

  • Grossmann & Berger and private bankers Ellwanger & Geiger establish a network with offices in the top seven cities for real estate
  • Düsseldorf real estate consultant ANTEON is an equal partner in the undertaking
  • A focus on investment consulting and commercial leasing

The real estate service provider Grossmann & Berger and banking house Ellwanger & Geiger have established a new nationwide real estate network called German Property Partners (GPP). German Property Partners will offer a range of real estate investment and commercial leasing services throughout Germany, operating through offices in the top seven cities. ‘We are a national network of leading regional real estate service providers with a background in banking,’ explains Andreas Rehberg, spokesman for German Property Partners. The network already has established offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich. ANTEON Immobilien, based in Düsseldorf, has been an equal partner in the undertaking from the outset. Initial discussions are under way with potential partners for Frankfurt am Main and Cologne.

Nationwide access to local expertise

‘Grossmann & Berger, Ellwanger & Geiger and ANTEON are all leading real estate service providers that are well established in their local markets,’ explains Andreas Rehberg of Grossmann & Berger. ‘There is no national competitor that would be able to offer our in-depth market knowledge at the local level,’ adds Björn Holzwarth of Ellwanger & Geiger. ‘Preferential access to property and businesses in local markets – that is the added value for GPP clients from Germany and abroad. Furthermore, we offer personal, individual advice,’ says Guido Nabben of ANTEON.

A real estate service provider with a banking background

GPP offers a comprehensive range of services that covers all aspects of commercial property. The core services include consulting for real estate investments and commercial leasing. The offer is rounded off with research into the top seven locations, property management, banking and financial services and fund and asset management. ‘With Ellwanger & Geiger and Grossmann & Berger as members, German Property Partners is the only nationally active real estate consultancy of German character with a background in the banking sector, and this makes it an especially reliable partner,’ says Björn Holzwarth of Ellwanger & Geiger.

Ideal for international investors

The new real estate network is aimed at both domestic customers and international companies. ‘Foreign investors require the very best expertise in real estate, often on a national basis and for various locations,’ says Guido Nabben of ANTEON. German Property Partners provides this local knowledge channelled through a single point of contact. At the same time, the members of the network can draw on regional business relationships – the kind that can only develop between companies that have grown as part of the local business landscape.

Continuity and trust

Investors with GPP stand to benefit from company structures that have been cultivated over many years. ‘Our real estate consultants work on permanent contracts and strongly identify with their company. They remain loyal to us, exceeding the average period of employment. This fosters trust among our clients,’ explains Andreas Rehberg of Grossmann & Berger.

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