Hamburg & Stuttgart: Grossmann & Berger pools resources with E & G companies

Starting on 5 May 2021 the long-established real estate service providers Grossmann & Berger, E & G Real Estate and E & G Private Immobilien are pooling their resources. Together they intend to expand their nationwide activities, extend their services portfolios and offer clients an even better customer experience. The new union will serve clients from offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich.


Existing partnership and shared values

In the context of the merger, Grossmann & Berger is taking a majority share in the E & G companies; at the same time, E & G shareholders are acquiring a stake in Grossmann & Berger. “For many years the two property firms have been engaged in successful collaboration in the commercial real estate sector. It is the logical next step to pool resources and act jointly across regional borders,” comments Frank Brockmann, chairman of the supervisory board of Grossmann & Berger. In 2013, Grossmann & Berger and E & G Real Estate’s predecessor company founded the commercial properties network German Property Partners (GPP). The merger covers all corporate units, including the brokerage of private homes. What these firms have in common is not only their long history and banking background but also identical values and philosophy. “Our shared basic tenets such as honesty, continuity, reliability and loyalty already provide the joint foundation. We would like to build on that, to become more visible on the national stage and gain new customers,” says Andreas Rehberg, spokesperson for the management board of Grossmann & Berger.


Strategic development and changes in top management
The managing partner of the E & G companies, Björn Holzwarth, is convinced that “Our strategic collaboration will help us to make further progress with the growth programme we have initiated and create a sustainable future for the business.” All companies retain their present structures, and customers will still deal with the consultants and contacts they already know. There will be changes at management level:

  • Andreas Rehberg, spokesperson for the management board of Grossmann & Berger, coordinates the pan-regional business of letting commercial property and retains responsibility for the new-build housing business in Hamburg.
  • Björn Holzwarth remains managing partner of E & G Real Estate and E & G Private Immobilien in Stuttgart and Munich and will also join the management board of G&B. His area of responsibility will be to coordinate the national investment business.
  • Holger Michaelis will continue to be responsible for commercial property investment and new-build housing in Berlin.
  • Sandra Ludwig likewise continues her task of managing investments in commercial real estate and buy-to-let residential properties in Hamburg.
  • Lars Seidel, to date the managing director responsible for residential stock, letting and business affairs for G&B in Hamburg and Berlin, will join the management board of the two E & G companies, taking responsibility for business management.
  • Mario Caroli will retire from management duties after over 20 years in charge of commercial real estate and on the board of E & G Real Estate and join the supervisory board of Grossmann & Berger.
  • Alexander Zigan, to date manager of the Munich office of E & G Real Estate, will become managing director of the company in the context of the merger.
  • Kerstin Schmid will remain managing director at E & G Private Immobilien with responsibility for the residential property business in Stuttgart.


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