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  • Hamburg, 15.01.2019
    Press release

    Office Market Hamburg 4Q2018: Second highest total since records began

    According to Grossmann & Berger, a member of German Property Partners (GPP), business was brisk on Hamburg’s office property market throughout the year 2018. The year closed with total take-up of 590,000 m². Although some 8% less space was let than in the prior year, the year-end result is still the second-highest seen since records began.
  • Hamburg, 14.01.2019
    Press release

    Investment Market Hamburg 4Q2018: Volume of transactions sets new record

    As GPP member Grossmann & Berger had already predicted at the end of the 3rd quarter, 2018 closed with a new record result on the Hamburg market for investment in commercial properties. Some 170 transactions generated a sales volume of €5.95bn.
  • Hamburg, 10.01.2019
    Press release

    Investment market top 7 locations 2018: rekord breaking volume of transactions

    Figures from German Property Partners (GPP) show that in 2018 property investments (excluding buy-to-let residential) in Germany’s top 7 cities - Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich - generated a transaction volume of €36.71bn, thus setting a new record.
  • Hamburg, 08.01.2019
    Press release

    Office markets top 7 locations 2018: take-up of space remains robust

    At the close of 2018 the take-up of office space in Germany’s top 7 cities, i.e. Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich had reached a very respectable level. Latest figures from German Property Partners (GPP) put the take-up of office space at 3.8m m².
  • Hamburg, 13.12.2018
    Press release

    Hamburg: Grossmann & Berger set up new division for private investors

    Starting on 1st January 2019 GPP member Grossmann & Berger will be launching a new service division dedicated to capital investments, the KAT (Kapitalanlagevertrieb). This division will focus on the sale of individual properties which serve as classic capital investments for private customers.
  • Hamburg, 07.12.2018

    Hamburg: Online trader SoBuy moving to Rahlstedt

    SoBuy, an online furniture store, called upon Grossmann & Berger, a member of German Property Partners (GPP), for assistance in finding a suitable logistics property for its online order business in Rahlstedt.
  • Hamburg, 07.11.2018

    Grossmann & Berger has brokered several rental apartment buildings in Hamburg

    Between May and August 2018 GPP member Grossmann & Berger brokered transactions totalling over €50m in which rental apartment buildings in Hamburg passed into new ownership.
  • Hamburg, 26.10.2018

    5 years of German Property Partners

    The network of like-minded regional property service companies in the commercial real estate sector looks back at its first five years. Here, the partners provide an insight into the network's special features and an outlook for the upcoming five years.
  • Hamburg, 19.10.2018

    Hamburg: Grossmann & Berger identifies premises for Museum of Illusions in the City

    Hamburg has gained another leisure attraction. The Museum der Illusionen at Lilienstrasse will be officially opened on 19 October. The museum occupies 400 m² of space housing 50 exhibits that present optical and tactile illusions for visitors to try out. GPP member Grossmann & Berger helped to find the location.
  • Hamburg, 18.10.2018
    Press release

    Industrial market Hamburg 3Q2018: Shortage of space is a drag on market in medium term

    Year on year, take-up for for industrial, warehouse and logistics properties in Hamburg and its environs was 17% higher than 2017, rising to 370,000 m², GPP member Grossmann & Berger reports. Nonetheless, the Hamburg market will continue to be marked by shortages in the foreseeable future due to a lack of new build properties available at short notice and the designation for new commercial estates.
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